About Mark


As a young man I always enjoyed drawing and painting. I intended to make art my career. Well as life normally plays out I took a different career path and had not painted for almost 30 years. My mother had always asked "why don't you do your art again, you have a God given talent and you shouldn't waste it". Dad would always reassure her that I would come back to it some day.

After the passing of my father I started to look at life a little differently and once I turned fifty, with a lot of encouragement from my wife, working with my art again started to resurface as a possiable profession. Then in 2008 my wife wanted to take me to Santa Fe to see the Art Galleries and I was truely amazed at all the wonderful pieces of art we saw there. I have always been an Old West buff and being a cowboy re-enactor, I have been drawn to western art, especially bronzes. As I studied numerous bronzes and talking with the western artist Scott Rogers I started saying to myself, I think I could do this or at least I would like to try.

Inspired by our trip, we returned home and I immediately enrolled in an eight day sculpture class; I created a horse with a saddle. After the class was over I kept working on the piece and by getting great pointers from Scott, I created "No Posse In Sight".

By completing this piece my passion for art has come back to me as my father said it would. I continued training under my mentor Scott Rogers.

It has been an incredible journey back to what I once left behind and working in this medium is such a joy. I can only hope that I can bring the Old West, the way I see it, into someone's life for them to enjoy.

Follow your passion and enjoy life.

Best Regards,

Mark Sacco